Hey internet. This is Drac's personal website where I document things I've solved in the past so I can do it again some point in the future. I can be found on Discord if you need to reach me for something.

Game Server Guides

Guides for Dedicated Game Servers.

Game Servers

Server Server Guides

Not game servers, but content on building Servers, Virtual Machines, and other things that support my game servers.

Server Guides

Tips and Tricks

These are smaller in nature but consist of things I've found useful that I go back to all the time.

Tips and Tricks


Past food related content. There's not much here yet but I have done Jerkey and Chili streams. Those could be found here

Food Stuff


A collection of blog like posts summarizing progress of various board games during my semi-annual ManCation Events.



I do stream, on occasion, and that is by far the best place to interact with me when I'm live. Swing by, chat, ask questions.

Twitch Channel »


Stuff for our streaming community. Potato Aimers Squad