Atlas Dedicated Server Setup Guide

Atlas Dedicated Server Setup Guide

Update 6/8/19: I'm updating this guide today and pushing updates directly to the live server.  You will see content appear in various stages throughout the day.  Graphics will be last.

Update 5/19/19: New Quests. I started to look into the new quests and I was doing a new guide but I realized there wasn't much to it. Each PowerStone island now has a trench that goes with it (Trench_B in the grideditor). Add this to the map and you can use the updated calculator to calculate it's exact placement for your json. The secondary quests use the same x and y as the powerstone discovery zones and those steps are already in this guide. I updated the advanced calculator with a new tab if you want to do the update yourself. I may finish up the new guide I was writing and publish it here.

Update 4/1/19: My streaming community moved onto another game. I don't intend to maintain this but I'll create a new guide when the community comes back to this game in the future.

This guide was written against Atlas v14 and the Atlas ServerEditor modified on 1/7/19. My intention is to remind me how to build a functioning map at some point in the future. I do not provide maps for people to use and I do not maintain any of the old examples (sorry). But I do have some community maps linked below (see table of contents).

Thank you to Gimilkhad for reviewing and providing feedback on sections to help make this guide better for everyone.


Templates and Help

Atlas Info

Useful Links

Quick Step Guide

  1. Learn how it works and understand the LAN Issues
  2. Install PreReqs
    1. Redis
      1. Test Local
      2. Test Remote
    2. DirectX Web Updater
    3. SteamCMD/li>
  3. Create Map and Save an Empty Map
    1. Update JSON w/ Templates and Water Background
  4. Planing
    1. Ports
    2. Bonuses
    3. Environments
    4. Starting Locations
    5. Quest Islands
    6. Starting Islands
  5. Populate Map with Planning Details
    1. Ports
    2. Map Customization - ServerCustomDatas Values
    3. Templates
    4. Islands
      1. Level Caps and Lawless Adjustments
    5. Mermaids (Quest Zones)
    6. Spawn Regions
    7. Discovery Zones
  6. Export Map
    1. Turn off overlays
    2. Export
    3. Host Map (MapImg.jpg URL)
    4. Update JSON w/ Map Location
  7. Quest Chain and JSON Updates
    1. Update JSON - or via MapEditor
    2. Verify PowerStone Island Configuration
    3. Add Password if Desired
  8. Start Servers
    1. Update Server with JSON Files and Map Images
    2. Create Startup Commands
    3. Verify Save File Locations
    4. Stop Servers
  9. Update Server Configs
    1. Intro
    2. Bonuses and RCON
  10. Firewall Updates
    1. Authorize ShooterGameServer.exe - Windows Defender
    2. Port Forwarders - NAT Interface (as required)
    3. NAT Reflection\Loopback (not recommended)
  11. Verify Configs
    1. Start Servers
    2. netstat -an (verify all ports are listed, 5 per server with RCON)
    3. Verify server in ATLAS Games List
  12. Tips and Lessons Learned
    1. Matching Island Climate to the Map Climate
    2. Removing the Level Cap of the Home Server
    3. Create Lawless Regions (no claim flags)
    4. Set PvP or PvE
    5. Mermaids
    6. Whales and Squids
    7. ServerCustomDatas Values
    8. Experience Modifiers
    9. CPU Utilization - Limiting server FPS