How to patch and update our community Factorio Server

Create Save File for the Server on your local computer

  1. Start Factorio and create a new map.
  2. Save your new map
  3. Browse to the map file location and copy to your Factorio Headless Server
  4. Note; Steam Default Save File Location: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\saves\<name>

Create the Server

UbuntuVM on Windows Server 2019 - Server Creation Steps are the example use case in this guide

Patch Factorio Server

  1. Download the latest stable or experimental build
  2. Upload file to our Factorio Server to the root directory of the factorio install
    1. Example file upload location: /home/steam/
    2. Script will extract to the /home/steam/factorio directory
  3. Extract the tar file
    1. Official Release Example: sudo tar -xzf factorio_headless_x64_0.16.51.tar.gz
      1. Experimental Release: sudo tar -xJf factorio_headless_x64_0.16.51.tar.xz
  4. Update ownership permissions
    1. chown steam:steam factorio -R
    2. steam:steam is the name and group of the service account
    3. factorio is the name of the installation folder
  5. Update Security Permissions w/ 755
    1. chmod -R 755 ./factorio
  6. Start factorio server
    1. Optional: use a system service to manage the game server
    2. Create the Service
    3. Manage the Service
    4. factoriocmd.sh start
  7. Notes on ingame LUA Commands for .15