ManCation Winter 2019


Markenin +2, SteelThunder, and Cleaner joined me for a weekend of Gloomhaven. We successfully played with 6 people in the 4-man game. The two extra players focused on monster movement, dungeon setup, and keeping things moving. We also played with 5 people and 4 people in various configurations. I think the assessment is that 5 players is the best number of people for the game. 4 Co-Op and 1 Dungeon Master. Like last time, it took us a bit to hit our 'we need to work together' stride before we started cruising through the maps.

Summary: The log, custom rule set, and current party status can be found here:

We spent our first day failing every dungeon. MarKenin's +2's were new and there was some growing pain trying to quickly pick up a complex table top dungeon crawler. However, we hit our stride on day two.

Dungeon's cleared: 8, 52, 13, 17, 53, 54, 81 Cliff Notes:

No other gaming occurred this weekend which means this is a short post of our activities. If we do another Gloomhaven weekend, I'll collapse the MC Threads and make a new Gloomhaven thread to track our incremental progress.

Thoughts for next time: PiParty (small LAN party of old games using RaspberryPi's), more Gloomhaven, maybe co-op The Division 2. Until then, Anthem is out in a few days ;)