7 Days to Die Community Server Details

Potato Aimers Squad Vanilla Community Server

Name: PAS.TEAM Community Vanilla Server

Connection Information: Go to the server list, and search for "PAS"

The 7 Days to Die server list showing the PAS Vanilla Server Listing.

Member Restrictions: Open to all Streamers, viewers and community members. THIS IS A WHITELISTED SERVER! You must message one of the admins with your steam name so we can add you to the whitelist. Best place would be in the #7dtd channel in Discord.

Support: report issues to #drac in Discord

Tips: If you want to tip for the private server: you can PrimeSub, Bits, whatever to t.tv/drac346. NOT Required but people have asked.

Commands to help

Use F1 to open the ingame console

Some common commands for use:

Wiki Game Console Commands, with Server Preference Values listed below.


whitelist add <steamID64>

you can get the steamID64 from SteamID Lookup

Changing Server Settings

Several server settings can be changed from within the game but are only good until the server is restarted. A list of them is shown below when you scroll down. You need to let Drac know if you change a setting so I can make it permanent in the config.

The syntax is setgamepref <gamepreference_listed_below> <new_value>

These settings are CASE Sentitive

Some settings require a restart of the game server (like changing the day length), contact Drac for help


setgamepref AirDropMarker TRUE

setgamepref GameDifficulty 3

Potato Aimers Squad Server Configuration Values

Note: Inform Drac in Discord via the #drac or #7dtd channel so I can update the web page

gamepreference setting value
AirDropFrequency 72
AirDropMarker TRUE
BedrollDeadZoneSize 15
BlockDamageAI 100
BlockDamageAIBM 100
BlockDamagePlayer 100
BloodMoonEnemyCount 16
BloodMoonFrequency 7
BloodMoonRange 0
BloodMoonWarning 8
BuildCreate FALSE
DayLightLength 18
DayNightLength 90
DropOnDeath 0
DropOnQuit 0
EnemyDifficulty 0
EnemySpawnMode TRUE
GameDifficulty 4
GameMode GameModeSurvival
GameName PAStopiaRWGv1
LandClaimCount 1
LandClaimDeadZone 30
LandClaimDecayMode 0
LandClaimExpiryTime 3
LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier 4
LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier 4
LandClaimSize 41
LootAbundance 100
LootRespawnDays 30
MaxSpawnedAnimals 65
MaxSpawnedZombies 60
PartySharedKillRange 100
PlayerKillingMode 3
PlayerSafeZoneHours 5
PlayerSafeZoneLevel 5
WorldGenSeed 20190702
WorldGenSize 4096
XPMultiplier 100
ZombieBMMove 3
ZombieFeralMove 3
ZombieMove 0
ZombieMoveNight 3